Explore the River: Cranford Canoe Club
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Explore the River: Cranford Canoe Club

December 15, 2017
Category: Kenilworth NJ Attractions

Located in Cranford, the Cranford Canoe Club is a place where you can rent canoes or kayaks to row down a calm river and enjoy kayaking and canoeing as you please. The Rahway River is calm and gentle, making it easy to paddle down. You can have your younger children join you for the ride and make the entire experience a memorable family expedition.

About the Cranford Canoe Club

The Club is a rental service, which lends out canoes and kayaks to locals and tourists at varied rates. You can experience visiting different streams and canoeing down it. Thanks to the safety instructions, you can take young ones on board and enjoy a thorough family experience. The rental service has a number of safety precautions at hand and prohibits children younger than 6 years old on board. Naturally, managing a young child who could fall overboard is dangerous.

Furthermore, all occupants are required to wear a life vest. Plus, there are strict regulations regarding behavior in the canoe with instructors providing guidelines on how to best get in and out and row the vessel. You can also recent kayaks for children under 6 as it has a lower tendency to tip over and is easier to manage. However, children under 3 years old are not allowed on kayaks and will have to stay onshore.

The rental service is available at very affordable rates. You can expect to pay $20 to $30 for a canoe for two hours and a similar amount for a kayak as well. However, tandem kayaks cost $30 to $40 for 2 hours. The club also offers discounts for large groups. This is why this attraction is a popular spot for friends and families looking for a fun day out. You can easily book your kayaks or canoes in advance and have a great day in the water, rowing down the Rahway River.

The best way to explore the Rahway River is by canoeing it. You can paddle downstream at a steady pace, viewing the sidelines and appreciating the beauty watershed. The river can be muddy in certain places but the experience of canoeing the length of such a magnificent river is a lot of fun.

Once you are done canoeing, satisfy your hunger by visiting nearby eating spots that include Cuban cuisine at the Cuban Restaurant & Lounge or try out some delicious snacks at the Irving Inn. The delicious food will certainly recharge your body in an instant. Learn more about Cranford Canoe Club here: http://www.cranfordcanoeclub.com

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